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Top Tips For Healthy Eating

Crawley wellbeing offers a free, confidential service which can support you with your healthy eating. Here are their top tips for healthy eating.

  • Aim to have at least five portions of fruit and
    vegetables in a day. These provide vital vitamins,
    minerals and fibre that our body needs.


  • Base meals around starchy carbohydrates.
    Wholegrain and high fibre are better as they give us
    energy, fibre to help digestion, contain vitamins
    and keep us full. They include oats, pasta, bread and


  • Include protein in most meals. Protein helps growth
    and repair of body cells. Aim for oily fish twice a week.
    Limit red meat to twice a week. Alternative proteins
    are quorn, lentils, pulses, beans, nuts


  •  Dairy products are important. They are a good
    source of calcium and contain other vital vitamins.
    Aim for two to three portions a day e.g. milk on
    cereal, plain yoghurt and/or a small slice of cheese.


  • Unsaturated fats (polyunsaturated and
    monounsaturated). These are found in nuts,
    avocado, oils and oily fish. These help maintain your
    ‘good’ cholesterol. Have these in small quantities,
    instead of saturated fats.
  • Aim to keep salt to a minimum. It is contained
    in many bought sauces, bread and processed meats.
    Aim for less than one teaspoon a day. This can help
    maintain good blood pressure.


  • Aim to keep saturated fats to a minimum. These
    can increase our ‘bad’ cholesterol. These include
    red meats, cheese, butter, cakes, pastries and pies.


  • Aim to limit refined carbohydrates and sugary
    foods. Too much sugar can increase our risk of
    diabetes and low mood. Sugar naturally occurs in
    fruit and milk. Aim for less than 30g (seven sugar
    cubes) a day.

Exercise is important for our bone density, muscle tone, metabolism and a healthy mind. In order to have a healthy lifestyle, exercise should be included in some form, most days.


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