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Container Gardens With A Difference

Container Gardens With A Difference

Container Gardens With A Difference

Colourful and creative containers can add a real sense of style to any garden, however, why stick to conventional pots, planters and troughs? Make August the month that you explore a wide range of options to create a container garden with a difference which will transform your lawn or patio and be the envy of your neighbours!

The welcoming sight of containers can often be used to break up gardens which have an appearance of sameness – think a large expansive lawn, a heavily patioed area or an overwhelming decking space. A container can be about tradition – think terracotta or plastic flower pots – however, why not look for an alternative? Opt for something which gives your garden style with a container garden with a difference.

Creating a container garden with a difference only requires just a little imagination, a few materials and some ingenuity. The simplest and plainest of pots can be transformed with some simple materials, often ones which you might already have in your home, garage or garden shed. Think about the following ways in which you can transform a humble container into one that makes difference to your garden.

Do You Have A spare Tyre?

If you have a spare tyre in your garage, why not put it to good use in the garden? The larger the tyre the better as it will give planters greater scope to grow and develop and create an eye-catching display. The tyres can be hung or stacked, and even painted where you might see fit to add a real splash of colour!

Be A Barrow Boy Or Girl

An ageing wheelbarrow no matter how weathered can provide an attractive look and if it is wooden, it can add a sense of the natural to your garden where you might want to avoid fabricated planters. When planting be mindful of the drainage as a wheelbarrow without drainage can lead to plants waterlogging.

Everything Including The Kitchen Sink

Are you planning to renovate your kitchen or bathroom? If so, why not upcycle the sink? Due to its nature, a sink is an ideal planter, the plug hole can be the perfect outlet for the container to offer drainage, while if you would prefer to keep the plug in place, you can create a water container.

Add The Wow Factor

Acrylic Paint
A lick of paint can add a real splash of colour to any container garden no matter the condition or existing colour of it.

Pots can be transformed easily when wrapped in the material you may be more familiar with carrying your shopping.

Mosaic Tiles
Are you looking to North Africa for inspiration? When it comes to your container think mosaic tiles to complete the look.

Stick The Boot In
Gardening shoes, walking boots, or for the sports fans, even a football boot can offer a creative idea for plants. Due to the design of the boots with hard soles, the boots can be a great idea to add a sense of style and provide your own personal stamp on your container garden design embrace your passions.

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