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Children’s Summer Sports

Children’s Summer Sports

Summer should be child’s play! Here are our hints and tips to make sure you and your children have the most fun playing sports in the sun this summer!

Summer is the best time to get your children out of the house and into the fresh air, and getting them involved with sports is a great way to keep them entertained. We have come up with some ways to make summer sports more enjoyable!

Take The Game Somewhere New

Although playing in your garden can be exciting, why not take the kids somewhere new? Discover new local parks and fields, or take a drive to the beach to play your game. Not only does this give the family a nice day out but it is a cheap way to keep your children entertained all day. A trip to the beach is perfect for the family and a few friends for a game of rounders or stoolball, and with the added bonus of the ice cream vans you can find at the beach you will be able to enjoy a nice cooling break.

Get People Involved

There is nothing the British public love more during summer than a BBQ with friends, so why not combine some great food with a fun game of sports for the kids. This is the best opportunity to organise a group game of cricket or football, and have everyone involved. Keep the children busy until they get hungry and then have some lovely food ready to please them. The best thing about a day like this is it is enjoyable for both the kids and the adults.

Have Prizes And Rewards

Children can run about the garden for hours playing football or rounders, give them a break from the sun by rewarding their games with treats. An ice lolly or a fresh glass of juice when they score a goal or have good rally in tennis is an excellent way to keep them refreshed as well as get them away from the balls long enough to slather on some more factor 50. Not only this but giving your children prizes will give them the motivation to play all day, and stay out of your hair.

Our Favourites

Our five favourite games to play are stoolball, cricket, football, rounders and tennis, and each are superb for different occasions. Organised
team sports are a good excuse to organise friends and family days as well as keeping everyone entertained for hours.

Tennis especially can be an amusing reason for family days out at the tennis courts you can find in your area. Summer sports are wonderful for keeping your children happy and healthy; making the most out of their summer as well as being ideal cheap days for family outings too, that don’t cost the earth.

[box type=”shadow” align=”” class=”” width=”600″] Aimee Thomas who studies at the University of Southampton joined RH Uncovered for a one week internship gives her take on children’s summer sports.  [/box]

By Amiee Thomas

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