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Musician Bee Is Buzzing On Crawley Hospital Radio

Musician Bee Is Buzzing On Crawley Hospital Radio

If you are keen listener of Crawley Hospital Radio it is very likely that you will be familiar with the dulcet tones of musician and performer, Bee Arnold. The singer-songwriter has appeared on the radio station bringing her musical melodies to a new, wider West Sussex audience from her hometown of Brentwood in Essex.


Graduate of British and Irish Modern Music (BIMM) Institute’s Brighton college, Essex girl Bee Arnold, 22, is a singer with a passion for music and taking is it to a bigger audience through Crawley’s hospital radio. Bee discovered Crawley Hospital Radio and its opportunities on Facebook whilst she was studying at BIMM when she was searching for opportunities to perform in and around Brighton.


Music Is The Best Therapy

For more information about volunteer-led Hospital Radio Crawley and its broadcasts which bring the therapy of a wide range of music as well as news, sport and discussion to the patients and staff of Crawley Hospital, visit:, or

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Since graduating, Bee has been juggling performing music gigs with other jobs including being a wedding singer as well as working in bars, clubs and offices to help fund her music career and her latest music releases. This summer saw Bee release her second EP, Mixed Emotions, describing the EP as featuring songs that are among the favourites that she has written, and she explains the pride in finding her own sound.

Bee says: “I would say that the songs on that EP are probably my favourite songs I have written yet and I feel really proud to have them all out under my name and finally feel like I am really finding my own sound. At the moment I’m working with some new producers and trying to write as much as I can – my music video for Chances from my EP was released in September – there is lots of things going on!”


Hearing Is Bee-lieving!
For all the up-to-date news about Bee Arnold, her latest music releases, news and to listen to Bee’s hit tracks, visit:


Speaking about her appearances on volunteer-led Hospital Radio Crawley which provides music, news, sport and discussion to patients and staff, Bee says: “It means a lot that Hospital Radio Crawley keep in touch and keep inviting me to come back for more gig and radio shows. They are all so lovely and it’s such a shame that it takes me so long to travel down as I would love to be involved even more!”

By Jacob White

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