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Good Neighbours CARE

We all know that sometimes it’s the tiniest of things that can make the biggest impact on our lives. And for some, a hand with grocery shopping, a lift to a medical appointment or a natter over a cup of coffee can make days seem easier and brighter.

Good Neighbours CARE has been providing friendly and practical support for residents across Mid Sussex for many years. This year marks the charity’s fortieth birthday and along with lots of planned celebrations, the charity wants to recruit forty new volunteers.

Nicky Lambie joined CARE at the start of the pandemic. Nicky said, “I just wanted to help and reach out to people in the community who needed to hear a friendly voice at such a worrying time.”

Nicky loves checking in with clients, visiting them at home and doing the occasional shopping trip. For Nicky, volunteering at Good Neighbours CARE has so many benefits.

She explained, “I’ve got to know so many lovely people and I get a real buzz from knowing that in a very small way, I’m helping people get on with their lives.”

Nancy Towner, a client for the last nine years values the security of knowing that volunteers will take her to all her medical appointments. “The most important thing about Good Neighbours CARE is that it gives me peace of mind,” Nancy explains.

According to Christina Chelmick, the charity’s Chair, “We are looking especially for younger volunteers who, full of fresh and new ideas, will guarantee we continue for another forty years and even longer! So, if you have some spare time in your lives and you want to give something back to the community, we’d love to hear from you.”

For more information, call 01444 455955 or visit

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