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Crawley Open House

Crawley Open House

Providing Much Needed Accommodation & Support For Those Experiencing Homelessness Locally For 28 Years.

What is Crawley Open House and what services do they provide? Crawley Open House is a registered charity (1048919) which has served those experiencing homelessness and hardship in West Sussex since 1994. Aside from its year-round, high-support hostel, they are also providing life- skills training and resettlement support for residents and service-users, and food parcels for those in food crisis.

Where do you find them?
Their hostel and Resource Centre is located at Riverside House, Stephenson Way, Three Bridges, Crawley, West Sussex RH10 1TN. Or one may call them on 01293 447702 at any time.

How serious is homelessness locally?
Homelessness is a serious issue in Crawley
and across West Sussex. To put some numbers into perspective.

  • Each night Crawley Open House is “home” for 57 people who otherwise would have nowhere else to stay.
  • In 2021-22, their hostel became a temporary home to 169 residents, and 127 of them were sleeping rough prior to that.
  • Their outreach workers offered support to someone either sleeping rough or at risk of losing their accommodation 3,671 times
    during that year.

These numbers paint only a partial picture. In fact, if one was found homeless in or around East Grinstead, Cuckfield, Horsham, Haywards Heath or Horley, as well as Crawley itself, one would likely be referred to Crawley Open House – there is no other residential homeless shelter for a 25-mile radius.

crawley open house
crawley open house

How can you help?

Despite receiving some statutory funding, they have to find almost half of their annual income from generous individuals, schools, companies, Trusts & Foundations, places of worship and other community groups. They always need donations of food, toiletries, bedding and clothing – for full details see their social media posts or visit

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