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What To Do If You Misfuel

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What To Do If You Misfuel

What should you do should you happen to have a lapse in concentration at the fuel pump and put petrol in your diesel engine? It is easily done, you might be stressed after a day at work, or you have an appointment to attend, all is not lost should misfuel but, there are steps you should take.


As well as powering your vehicle, diesel acts as a powerful lubricant which keeps the fuel pump and other vital components running smoothly. If you happen to misfuel and place petrol in your diesel vehicle it will act as a solvent and have the opposite effect leading to increased friction which can cause serious damage to the vehicle’s fuel lines and pump.

Do not attempt to drive your vehicle or even start the car with petrol in the mix as you can create yourself an expensive error, it is important to remember, do not switch the engine on, or put the key in the ignition if you misfuel. Some insurers may pay out a claim for a drain-and-refuel service, however, it is unlikely they will pay out for any severe engine damage caused.

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UK Motorists Look To Go Green
UK motorists are increasingly looking to go green in the future, according to a new study, 55% say that they plan to swap a diesel car for a more environmentally-friendly alternative future vehicle. A study of 2,000 motorists found 42% are concerned that they may be taxed a lot more in the future if they buy a vehicle which runs on diesel.

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If you realise your mistake before you start your engine, follow these steps – let the staff at the petrol station know what has happened to your vehicle as they will have no doubt had experience of other motorists who have suffered a similar fate, put the car’s gear into neutral, have someone help push your vehicle into a safe place, call your insurer, and if you do have breakdown cover, call them – they should be able to arrange for a technician to come out to drain and flush your car of the wrong fuel.

If you start your car and you soon come to shuddering halt, what should you do? A lot of standard breakdown policies will take you to a nearby garage or to your home, however, the work to drain the tank may be chargeable. Some breakdown insurers offer a drainage service as part of your cover so do check your cover’s terms and conditions. Garages offer misfuelling rectification work with one of their mechanics carrying the work out, keep in mind that this service can vary in price.


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