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The importance of grooming

The Importance Of Grooming

Regular grooming keeps your pet looking in tip-top condition and helps keep their skin and coat healthy it also helps you to find lumps or other conditions that should be checked by your vet.

It is possible to carry out basic but important grooming, such as bathing, brushing and combing in the home yourself, as is brushing your pet’s teeth and checking to ensure their ears are clean.

You might be quite happy to trim their pet’s nails at home, others prefer to leave this job to the experts, and a professional groomer will usually include this service in a grooming session.

They will also be able to clip your pet to suit their breed and remove any mats that may have formed – when choosing a groomer ensure that the facility is well-equipped, well-lit, and clean.

Groomers should treat all pets with care, paying particular attention to those that may be frightened or uncooperative and the salon will ideally have separate kennelling areas for dogs and cats.

Some pets may resist at first – after all, this is a new experience for them, but most will settle fairly quickly. If your pet finds it stressful going to a groomer, consider employing the services of a mobile.

Questions to ask:

Do they appear knowledgeable?
Do they have any references from current or past customers that they would be willing to share?
How often does the groomer monitor the pets in their care?

By Jacob White

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