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Dog Days Out

Dog Days Out

Travelling with your dog is a great bonding experience, but it takes a little forethought and planning to be stress-free. Here are three tips to make the trip a happy one.

Research Where You’re Going

It’s a truth universally acknowledged…if your dog isn’t happy, you won’t be either! Find a location where you are both welcome and remember that many coastal resorts don’t allow dogs on their beaches in high season.

Travelling in the Car

It’s a good idea to pack all your dog’s needs into a separate bag or rucksack so you have easy access to water, poop bags and car sickness tablets where necessary. Don’t forget to take travel bowls and treats too, and a restraint if they travel inside the car rather than in the boot.

At Your Destination

It’s a legal requirement for dogs to be microchipped now, but it’s still advisable to keep them on a lead when you’re out and about in unfamiliar places, whether that’s a short lead or an extender that gives them a little more freedom.

Taking your dog for days out this summer should be an enjoyable experience for all if you plan ahead and do your research. It’s a great opportunity to create some happy memories and make the most of the joy your dog brings to the family.

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