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Give Some Puppy Love This Valentine’s Day

Give Some Puppy Love This Valentine’s Day

Give Some Puppy Love This Valentine’s Day

Love is truly in the air with Valentine’s Day celebrated across the globe this month, and you may have made plans with your loved one, but have you considered a gesture of love for your pooch? All year-round our pets give us unconditional love, so why not pay them back this month with some love?

Britain is firmly a nation of animal lovers, and Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to do your bit to spread the love when it comes to our four-legged friends, so, what can you do to show them how much you care? Treats can do the trick, and best of all, they do not break the bank.

Give Some Pampered TLC
Who does not like a long, warm soak? Chances are, your furry friend will enjoy getting into a warm bath too, pamper your pooch with an at-home dog spa. Treat them to an indulgent hot bath with a range of grooming products which will make your dog smell great whilst beating the worst of what winter throws at your much-loved family pet and complete the spa with a conditioning routine.

Organise A Play Date
February is not well-known for its warm, sunny days, so look to make the most of the indoors – set aside other plans and have a play day with you and your dog in the surroundings of your own home. If your dog is a sociable being, think about organising a play date with one of its furry friends where they can enjoy all manner of activities in the warm and dry of your home.

Serve Up Tasty Treats
For many us, the way to our hearts is through our stomachs, and dogs are no different in that – in moderation, use Valentine’s Day as a way to treat your dog to a tasty treat. Humans might gift one another wine and chocolate, when it comes to your dog, think about offering your pooch a special meal which they might not otherwise eat regularly such as boiled chicken or some cooked salmon.

Go Out For Winter Walkies
A winter walk can be a romantic experience for us all, the crunching of leaves beneath our feet, the fading afternoon light and the warm glow of streetlighting. The romance might be lost for dogs, but that does not mean that they will not enjoy an old fashioned winter walk – in fact they will love getting out and about, exploring new areas and burning off some of the energy they have built up.

Spread The Puppy Love

Do you love your dog? No matter their age or their breed, share your love for your pooch this Valentine’s Day by sharing a photo of them on the RH Uncovered Facebook page, visit:

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