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Summer Pests – The Unwelcome Houseguest!

Summer Pests - The Unwelcome Houseguest!

Summer is a time for entertaining, but some houseguests are never welcome – we’re talking fleas!

Pets can catch fleas from just about anywhere including already infested areas or other animals.

They leap onto them and feed on their blood, and within 24 hours they can lay up to 200 eggs a day.

They won’t all hatch on your pet either, after 2 – 3 weeks some will hatch on your sofa or carpets, in your pet’s bed or in your garden, and the cycle starts again!

What are the signs my pet has fleas?

  • You may see one on your pet – if you do, there will be more!
  • There might be dark coloured specks in their coat when you groom – these may be flea droppings
  • Scratching or itching needs investigation
  • Bald patches are another sign (though other conditions can cause this too)
  • Flea bites on family members

If you suspect a flea problem, then a visit to the vet is always a good idea – they’ll be able to prescribe the correct treatment for your pet and also help with products to treat your home.

A two-pronged approach is vital to stopping the hatching cycle. Treat all of your cats and dogs and your home, otherwise, if they have eggs, these will still hatch and will start the cycle over again!

It’s important to keep up the treatment on a regular basis as a preventative measure, or you may get more unwelcome house guests than you bargained for this summer!

By Jacob White

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