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Style And Decorating Tips For Children’s Bedrooms

Are you in need of some inspiration to tackle your child’s bedroom? If so, fear not, we have got a few ideas up our sleeves!

Achild’s bedroom can be a difficult task to manage; there are so many options to choose from. Do you go with a theme like their favourite football team or do you keep it basic? Do you decorate for your children now or do you decorate so that the bedroom can last them years? It can be quite daunting so we have compiled ideas to help you.

Themes are a great idea to give a child’s bedroom personality and charisma. However, as we all know, children can change their likes and hobbies incredibly fast. Meaning that their bedroom can become outdated rather quickly – the solution to this issue is to keep it subtle.
If your child loves cars and racing, then steer clear of the expensive car bedframes and wallpaper that need replacing a couple of years later. Soft furnishings are an easy way to do this. For example, a car shaped lamp or bedding can give your child the bedroom they love, without the hassle of redecorating the whole bedroom when they change their minds.

Other easy ways to include a theme in a child’s bedroom can be with cushions, pictures or paintings on the walls, or through a colour scheme. If your child loves Manchester United then going with red is a great idea, add a few extra touches, like bedding and the theme is complete. Although, bright red walls can be a bit much, red furniture or a feature wall can give you the same feel without being overbearing keep it subtle.

A fun way to decorate your child’s bedroom and get them involved in the process can be through making accessories. Making accessories can be affordable, exciting and great decorative pieces for a child’s bedroom. Some great accessories can be easy to make, for example, making ceiling hangings such as aeroplanes or hot air balloons, just grab some string and paper and get creating. Ceiling hangings are a great way to give the bedroom some flare without using up too much space.

Another great accessory can be as simple as a painting, have your child choose their favourite colours and get creative, although most children are not Picasso, a canvas attacked with colour can look brilliant, as well as giving their bedroom some individuality.

The best piece of advice to follow when decorating a child’s bedroom is to think in the long-term. Go with your child’s personality and include a little bit of them wherever you can, but be cautious of the expense of redecoration as your child grows up. Keep a blank canvas and then go mad on the extras. A theme, colour schemes and furniture can all make a bedroom perfect for your little one.

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By Amiee Thomas

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