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Statistics have revealed 4.8 million Brits have been dumped by text

Statistics Have Revealed 4.8 Million Brits Have Been Dumped By Text

New research from Save the Children reveals the UK’s social rule-book is being re-written despite 97% saying it’s not an acceptable thing to do

The British tradition of good manners world-renown, but new research from Save the Children reveals that the rising number of smartphone users is changing our view of etiquette.

Texting whilst talking to someone (64%) is now deemed to be ruder than being late (54%) or not giving up a seat for someone who needs it (63%).

Most shocking though, whilst 97% of people said dumping someone by text message was unacceptable; more than 4 million people admitted it had happened to them.

When it comes to bad phone etiquette, talking loudly on the phone on public transport (66%) and texting at the dinner table (53%) are considered significant phone no-nos.

Save the Children launches Phoneless Friday on Friday, October 7, a challenge to try and refresh manners by going offline for a day with the potential to rediscover face to face conversations.

There are more than 43 million smartphone users in the UK, and an OfCom report revealed that people are spending more than 24 hours a week online and sending 262 million texts a day.

Dom Joly, Save the Children ambassador, says: “We introduced ‘Big Phone Guy’ on Trigger Happy back in 2000 as a spoof character. There was something cringe worthy but recognisable about him– we’ve probably all had a phone conversation a little too loudly.’

“Phoneless Friday is giving people the chance to get back to the simpler time of pigeon carriers and paper map reading, whilst feeling great about ignoring your friends because it’s all for an incredibly worthy cause.”

Nick Jones, Director of Fundraising at Save the Children, says: “Phoneless Friday is a new fundraiser to challenge people to get their friends together, give up their phones for one day, and donate £5 to Save the Children.’

“Whether at work, at home or in the pub, we’ve all got that one mate who is glued to their phone so it’s about watching them squirm as they long to check Instagram, or watching them try and work out how to get somewhere without their map app.”

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By Jacob White

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