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What is colour analysis and why will it benefit me?

By Jamie Di Francescomarino

I’ve always enjoyed dressing myself, picking out what to wear for certain events and shopping for new clothes. Not long after thinking to myself that something is lacking, I was lucky enough to be invited by Colour and Image Consultant, Michaela Sargeant for a Colour Analysis Session – the perfect thing I needed to give me a refresh.

If you haven’t heard of colour analysis before, it is a process where your consultant helps you discover your optimal seasonal palette of colours. Each season has different characteristics, shades and tones.

I arrived at Michaela’s studio in Horsham and after a lovely, smiley greeting and few refreshments Michaela started off by explaining the theory behind colour analysis using the colour wheel she has on her wall, and why it makes a difference to us as individuals having either a blue or yellow skin undertone.

Michaela meticulously compared colour drapes around my neck to work out whether I was ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ and as it transpired, I was warm. The difference that the drapes made to the appearance of my face was really evident. Upon further draping, we discovered that I am an Autumn!

She then went through each Autumn drape to determine my WOW colours (the top rated!), ones that are a strong choice, and which work best as a ‘pop’ or accent colour.

You can see my WOW colours in the photograph. My absolute favourites are Bronze (inside left) and Kingfisher (inside right).

I was given a really handy booklet with lots more information in and an overview of my Autumn colours, to have on hand when sorting out my wardrobe and purchasing new clothes.

Overall, it was a really interesting and insightful experience that I would most definitely recommend to anyone. We all have clothes and we all dress, so why not give it a go and give your wardrobe that new lease of life!

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