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Low Maintenance Plants

Low Maintenance Plants

Are you keen to bring plants into your home to add some colour and greenery? All too often with other commitments, home life or work pressures, with all the will in the world house plants can take a backseat, so if you want to get green-fingered, but you are limited for time, think about titans of the plant world which will flourish in your home, but will not take too much of your precious time.

Are you known as a house plant killer? There are some plants which need lots of watering and just the right temperature – not too cold, and not too hot. However, fear not, there are some tough shrubs out there that the busiest of plant lovers can have in their home requiring little maintenance.

Aloe Vera
One of the most popular house plants, aloe vera provides a home with a contemporary look and most importantly for those with limited time, it is a low maintenance plant. The succulent plant only needs watering around twice a month and it is at its happiest when in range of indirect sunlight.

Barrell Cactus
If a cactus can survive in the arid water poor conditions of a desert, a barrell cactus can live happily in the home of someone who is somewhat water averse. The low maintenance side of keeping the plant is so easy as they require watering once every two to three months, just avoid overwatering.

Cast Iron Plant
The name is something of a giveaway – cast iron by name, cast iron by nature – limited water makes these plants an easy-care option. The plant can happily survive with little care and attention and they can even thrive in poorly lit environments and only need watering every two to three weeks.

Jade Plant
This low maintenance shrub is easy going, so much so light can be in short supply – the plant needs just four hours of sunlight each day, and just one watering each month – it is as simple as that. The plant is considered a symbol of good luck – certainly lucky for those with little time on their hands.

Spider Plant
Unlike the arachnids, this plant might well be a welcome addition in your home, they are durable and can be left to their own devices. The plant, unlike some others is non-toxic to pets, so a good choice for pet owners, and when it comes to watering no more than every 10 to 15 days is needed

Snake Plant
Some plants are averse to being pot bound, not snake plants however, and as well as being pot-bound, the plants require little care as the leaves can be left for weeks at a time and still look great. Light levels are not critical to the plant, and watering only needs to take place every six weeks.

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