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Keeping Pets Safe From Spring Bulbs

Spring time brings with it bright and gorgeous colours, however, dangers come with them – highly toxic and poisonous spring bulbs to much-loved pets include popular bulbs and plants including daffodils, tulips and autumn-flowering crocuses. As well as outdoor plants, when it comes to indoor flowers and plants, many varieties of lilies are extremely toxic and can if ingested, cause severe kidney failure in cats.

It is important to stay vigilant if you believe your pet has become unwell due to poisoning as the symptoms in pets can vary in the times of appearing – sometimes symptoms can be instantaneous, whilst on other occasions, they can take a matter of days to appear. If you suspect that your pet may have become poisoned by a spring bulb or plant, it is important that you contact your vet immediately.

The danger signs to look out for in pets should they have ingested or swallowed toxins include increased saliva production, irritation to their mouth and face, vomiting or diarrhoea, or uncomfortable abdominal pain. Other signs and symptoms to look for include your pet being distressed or disorientated or acting in an out-of-character way, erratic behaviour where they are either heavily subdued or over-active.

The treatments offered by a vet to a suspected pet poisoning varies greatly and depends on the toxin which has been ingested. A vet will need to carry out a full examination on your pet to determine the course of treatment. Whatever help your pet needs, its success is largely based on fast thinking action from you as a pet owner, if you suspect a poisoning, act fast and report it to a vet immediately.

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Vet’s Checklist

If you need to make an emergency call to a veterinary practice because you suspect that your pet has been poisoned by a spring bulb or plant, it is important to have the following details to hand:

The name of the bulb or plant which your pet has come into contact with

How much of the bulb or plant has your pet ingested or swallowed

How long ago you think that the suspected pet poisoning took place

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