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Is Your Home Safe As Houses This Summer?

Are you planning on jetting away this summer? Whether you are heading overseas or simply taking a break away in the UK it is important to implement some simple security ideas to ensure that whilst you are away your home is as safe as houses, after all, you might take a holiday but burglars do not!

The summer holidays are here and it can mean homes are empty more often, and for longer periods of time. It is estimated in the UK that a domestic or commercial property is burgled every 40 seconds and the crime is generally the work of an opportunist without any criminal mastermind behind it.

What would make your home a target?
Burglars choose properties which offer them little or no chance of being detected. A burglar will look for few obstacles and a quick in-and-out route so, it is important to follow some simple but effective steps to deter thieves and keep your home secure.

The Key To A Secure Home?
If you are going away for more than a couple of days it is a great idea to leave a set of house keys with a trusted neighbour. They can keep an eye on the house for you whilst you are away and make the house looked lived in whilst it is empty – ask them to draw curtains, move bins and anything that makes the house look lived in, and ask them to check for any signs of someone attempting to get in.

Absence Makes A Burglar’s Heart Grow Fonder
A property whose owners are absent means a burglar will feel more comfortable forcing their way in so make sure you remove any obvious signs that you are absent for any considerable length of time. If you have milk or newspapers delivered make sure you cancel them if your car is not going to be outside of your house, ask a neighbour to park their car in your place, and think about installing timer lights in your home.

Avoid Letting Everyone Read All About It
Today there is an obsession and even an almost expectation to share your holiday news and photos on social media. However, while your friends and family will no doubt enjoy seeing updates on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter so will those with less friendly motives. Resist the temptation to post and keep your travel information to yourself so burglars do not know when a house is empty.

Out Of Sight, Out Of A Burglar’s Mind
Almost every house in Britain today has tech products with values mounting up into the thousands, have a look around your property and think how much your home entertainment totals up to. Consider moving these highly valuable items out of the view of sinister eyes, remember, if the items are out of sight they are out of mind. Think about installing a safe as well to keep keys, jewellery and watches you might not take away with you on holiday.

By Jacob White

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