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How To Achieve “2020” Vision In 2021

How To Achieve “2020” Vision In 2021

By Mr Gok Ratnarajan, Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon, Director of Innovation Eye Clinic Head of Glaucoma at Queen Victoria Hospital, East Grinstead.

It is 2021 but that is no reason why your vision should not be 2020. I hope this guide will give some advice and tips to keep your eyes healthy.

Prevention is better than cure… get your eyes tested regularly.

Routine sight tests at your opticians will not only help improve your vision but could also detect diseases that can lead to sight loss such as glaucoma and macular degeneration. Early diagnosis is the key to preventing sight loss from these serious but unfortunately relatively common eye diseases, this is especially important if eye disease runs in your family.

What is a cataract and how is it treated?

A cataract is when the lens of the eye becomes cloudy leading to blurred or faded vision, as well as glare and haloes. Modern cataract surgery is quick and painless with a very fast visual recovery. I often tell my patients that cataract surgery is a chance to reset your vision to fit your lifestyle. Premium lens can get you out of glasses altogether and your Ophthalmologist will advise you if you are a suitable candidate.

You are what you eat?

A balanced and healthy diet is important for so many aspects of your general health and your eyes are no different. A diet rich in greens and vegetables should provide the necessary vitamins and anti-oxidants you require. Oily fish and some nuts and seeds such as walnuts and flaxseed are a good source of omega 3 and this is important for eye health and could also help with dry eye.

With a balanced diet, there should not be a need for vitamin and anti-oxidant supple-mentation but your Ophthalmologist may suggest these for specific conditions such as dry macular degeneration.

Give your eyes a break.

Staring at computer screens or smartphones can lead to sore and dry eyes. I would advise you to take regular breaks and perform 5 slow and strong blinks. This helps reduce dry eye but you may also benefit from using lubricant drops particularly in the morning and evening when your eyes are at their driest.

UV light.

It is certainly advisable to invest in a good pair of UV blocking sunglasses as cataract and retinal damage can occur with excess exposure.

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