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Horsham Children’s Parade 2024  

Horsham Children’s Parade is set to return on Sunday 7th July 2024. Hundreds of children from across Horsham District will showcase their creations and costumes made in workshops with professional community artists.

The theme is ‘Spirit of Sport – The Olympics & Paralympics’. Expect to see a wide range of Olympics and Paralympics sports celebrated from swimming to skateboarding, football to baseball as well as the origins of the games, and the iconic torch, medals, and rings.

The carnival atmosphere will be taken to the max with infectious beats provided by local drumming band Boom Tribe, Brighton School of Samba and drummers the Kings of Dhol to get the paraders and the audiences dancing in the street.

Parade organiser Aleida Strowger, Founder of Community Arts Organisation, Happy Accidents, said: “Horsham is a very sport-focused district with an incredible gymnastics centre, Park Runs, and independent businesses offering a multitude of sports groups, clubs and training. Plus, the district has a lot to celebrate in terms of sporting history and success. With the Olympics & Paralympics happening this year, ‘Spirit of Sport’ seemed like a natural theme choice.

“We love working with our creative and enthusiastic district schools and with community arts organisation, Same Sky, the production and creative engine behind the parade. Everyone works so hard to ensure that this is a well-organised, fun and inspiring event for the whole community to enjoy.

“Raising funds for community events is always difficult, and the parade almost didn’t go ahead this year. Thankfully though it was saved by the incredible community spirit of many local businesses. We’re proud to announce that childcare provider Rocketeers is our 2024 headline sponsors and Brock Taylor, Sherlock and Neal, The Bridge Leisure Centre and Saxon Weald are all Parade Star sponsors. Massive thanks to our grant givers and supporters: Arts Council England, Horsham District Council, Horsham District Community Lottery and Co-op Horsham and Southwater whose belief in the project and its value to the community has made it possible again this year.”

Ciara Keene, Business Director at Rocketeers Childcare says, “At Rocketeers Childcare, fostering growth through creativity is at the heart of what we do. That’s why we’re proud to sponsor Horsham Children’s Parade, an occasion that celebrates the communities we serve and that ignites the imagination of local children in such a big way. It’s rewarding to support an event that we’ve seen first-hand have such a lasting effect on those taking part and watching.”
The parade will start at 11am in Denne Road and end at 12noon in Horsham Park where it will mark the opening of the Rotary Club’s Funday Sunday and is FREE TO WATCH!

Check out and where details about participating schools and the full route will be announced.

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