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Hospital Remains at the Top in National NHS Inpatient Survey

Hospital Remains At The Top In National NHS Inpatient Survey

The latest national NHS inpatient survey shows that Queen Victoria Hospital (QVH) continues to achieve some of the best feedback from patients in the country. It is also one of only five acute specialist trusts to have consistently maintained a ‘much better than expected’ rating over the last six years.

The annual national survey of inpatients at all NHS hospital trusts in England published today (2 July) covers all aspects of patients’ care and treatment. Carried out by the Care Quality Commission, the survey asked patients for their views on aspects of their care, such as; the hospital environment, communication with staff, involvement in decisions and being treated with respect and dignity.

550 QVH patients participated in the survey, giving the hospital a 44.72% response rate against a national average of 45%.

Overall, QVH scored better than other trusts across in all measures in the survey.

Patients scored highly questions relating to having confidence and trust in the doctors and nurses treating them as well as decisions made about their treatment and care; staff working well together as a team; having enough information about their condition or treatment; privacy; being treated with dignity and respect; and having enough to eat and drink.

Jo Thomas, Director of Nursing and Quality at Queen Victoria Hospital, said: “We are committed to putting quality, safety and patient experience at the forefront of everything we do, so we are delighted that Queen Victoria Hospital has again achieved such high scores in this national inpatient survey. Thank you to all of our staff for their commitment and dedication to each and every patient.”

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