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Home Maintenance Made Easy

With more than 16 years of industry experience, local property maintenance expert, Rob Becvar has launched RBPM Direct – a brand-new home maintenance service which tackles urgent repairs, as well as those “little jobs” that we all put off due to the lack of time, know-how or qualified professionals wanting to take them on.

Are you short on time or expertise to deal with those troublesome tasks that never get done around the house? Rob may have a few words of wisdom for you.

RH: Hi Rob! Thanks for sitting down to chat to us. Could you start by telling us where the idea behind RBPM Direct came from?

RB: Everyone has a ‘to-do’ list for their home but sometimes, you don’t have the hours available to do these jobs and more importantly, you may not have the skill set or tools required, to do a good job.

I’ve been in a lot of people’s homes and heard the same things said so many times; ‘We don’t know which trade to call’, ‘We had to wait 2 months for the work to get done’, ‘We did not know how much we were going to be charged’. This is where I hope RBPM Direct comes in by offering a solution to these dilemmas.

RH: What’s your aim with RBPM Direct when it comes to solving these problems for a customer?

RB: RBPM Direct is going to change how property repairs and improvements work. We aren’t trying to reinvent the wheel – we want to offer a trusted and reliable service for fixing smaller jobs around the home, with all the work being carried out by specialist tradesman, all very experienced in their field.

Our goal is to minimise the time spent waiting to fix odd jobs that big building companies, electricians or plumbers for example won’t want to spend their time doing. There are hundreds of smaller jobs around the area that need doing, but not enough dedicated contractors who want to do them.

RH: So, does this mean you can do everything at my house from installing new lights to fixing leaky pipes, without me calling an electrician or a plumber?

RB: Yes! That’s exactly the kind of job we’ll be looking to do. Our process is simple to use, quick, and highly transparent from a pricing perspective. We are taking away the stress of arranging home repairs and giving the customer back their free time, whilst offering a quality service.

RH: So if we wanted to book a job with you now, as opposed to ringing around to try and find a local tradesman to come and give us a quote, what sets your process apart?

RB: We understand that our customers may not know which particular tradesman is needed for their job which is why we don’t ask this question. Our process lets them tell us what their job is and we send out the right person for that job. On our website you simply select what jobs you need doing, to get an instant estimate of the price AND the time it will take us to carry out the work based on our vast experience.

To go ahead, you then complete our online form so we can provide you with a personalised estimate for your exact work. Once accepted, we will call to arrange a convenient time to carry out the work and I promise you, you won’t have to wait long!

RH: Thanks for talking to us Rob we can’t wait to see how you get on with this!

In the next edition of RH Uncovered, Rob will share invaluable tips and answer your pressing questions about home maintenance and repairs in our new monthly feature. Got a suggestion? Email

Home Maintenance Made Easy

With more than 16 years of industry experience, local property maintenance expert, Rob Becvar has…

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