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Happy Ladies of Haywards Heath

Happy Ladies Of Haywards Heath

For many people, but especially for older people, it was a difficult couple of years and milestone birthdays came and went without any confirmation from the outside world that they still had value. Inadvertently, socially at least, they found themselves in a ‘box’.

By Jean Watson, Founder

However, I was never very good about being in a box and far too ‘young’ to forget about fun. I am very lucky that I have a great family, but I was missing the irreverent banter of other ladies. So, I decided to start a meetup group in my local area for ladies over 55 years old called ‘Happy Ladies of Haywards Heath’ with the aim of joining with others to bring that fun female element back into our lives.

My vision for the group is that each person who becomes a member is an active one. I want the group to be fun, lively, ‘non-clicky’ and delivers, in the main, what each member wants socially, whilst making friends. If I can achieve that, it would be amazing. But for me and the very lovely, very keen ladies I have adopted into helping me get this off the ground, it does rely on each new member telling us what they want the group to do rather than for us to just think we know what others might want which is probably, strangely, the biggest challenge we face in achieving that.

The group that started in mid-July, so far, have had board games and drinks in the park, drinks out with a natter, theatre visits, a meal out and we would have had a stroll and afternoon tea if the hot weather had not conspired against us! But what we have planned for the coming months is very exciting with lots of variety planned. We try to make it as easy as possible with each event
advertised for others to see exactly what is involved by being very clear as to meeting points, hosts etc. If there is a cost (which often there isn’t) we make sure we put a cost guide as we are mindful of individual budgets.

The best way to get in touch is to visit our group webpage, here and see how we roll!

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