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Galen Therapy Centre’s Passage To India

Bolney-based Galen Therapy Centre was opened in 2002 by lead consultant, Julia Robertson, who has since treated more than 8,000 dogs with arthritis, musculoskeletal issues and chronic pain. 

Julia has huge experience in this specialism, which may be small but sadly the incidence of these types of medical problems are widely spread in dogs and are so often misunderstood and misdiagnosed.

“So often we think our dogs are getting older because they are slowing down, but what is frequently happening is they are suffering chronic pain. During my time treating these dogs, the results have been incredible, and the treatment gives these dogs a renewed quality of life” said Julia.

Anyone who has suffered or is suffering chronic muscle pain, such as ongoing back pain, will know that it can change your whole perception of your life and your activity levels. Chronic pain sits relentlessly under the surface of our conscious pain threshold that often causes a negative influence on our life and living perception.

This problem can also be found in dogs. A relatively small trauma such as a trip or a twist can affect them profoundly because of the chronic pain which can be confused with the mishaps of getting older. A typical scenario is to take a dog to the vet if they are lame or slowing down, which is the correct course of action.

However, sadly chronic muscle pain is particularly difficult to diagnose and the lameness presented is often thought to be as a result of osteoarthritis. Arthritis is a common condition that dogs develop as they get older, however, the persistent pain is often the source of the apparent ‘ageing’ process.

Galen Myotherapy (‘Myo’ meaning muscle) is a hands-on therapy and exercise management. Using appropriate, effective and targeted massage technique and physical management to manage the chronic pain and muscle inflammation. The consultants treat chronic muscular pain from underlying conditions or from old injuries.

Julia says “Chronic pain will have a profound effect on your dog’s behaviour. I believe that dogs can get headaches in the same way we do and I have seen many dogs present with symptoms of photosensitivity, fatigue, retiring from all activity and interaction.”

Next month, a team of Galen Myotherapists is jetting off to India to treat dogs and to train canine professionals in Bangalore, so they too can help dogs that are suffering like our beloved pets. They will also perform a study with the city’s street dogs gathering data that will aid them further with diagnosing chronic muscular pain in dogs.

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By Georgia Lambert


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