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East Grinstead Meridian Rotary Club Update

East Grinstead Rotary

Although saddened by the recent closure of the original Rotary Club in the town, the Meridian Rotary Club, which has served the town for 35 years, will continue as strong as ever providing support to the many local and further afield charities where there is a need.

By Jamie Di Francescomarino

Members of East Grinstead Meridian Rotary Club have continued to meet each Wednesday evening during the pandemic using Zoom. If it is possible, all the Christmas cheer they bring to the Town and surrounding communities will continue this year.

To raise funds at this difficult time, Meridian Rotary had a 30-day Challenge for their members and family to walk collectively a cumulative distance of 30 marathons. Amazingly, they completed 82 marathons and raised nearly £10,000.

Although entries for the annual Rotary ‘Design a Plate’ competition were inevitably restricted, 300 children from three Primary Schools did take part with the theme this year being ‘Life Under the Sea’. Judging was carried out by the Rotarians using Zoom.

All of the submissions were really impressive however the individual school winners were: Tilly (Year 3 Lingfield), Eleanor (Year 3 St. Mary’s) and Maria (Year 4 Blackwell). Maria was the overall winner receiving £50 for her school. All the winners will recreate their designs on a dinner plate thanks to Doodledish Pottery, Lingfield. The winning designs are shown below (Tilly – left, Eleanor – centre, Maria – right)

If you would like to join Meridian Rotary for fellowship and helping those in our community and beyond, visit their website here or Facebook for details.

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