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Buying A Wedding Dress On A Budget

Buying A Wedding Dress On A Budget

With the wedding season soon to get into full swing, are you planning your big day? Are you recently engaged and looking for your dream dress? Or, perhaps you are searching for the perfect accessories for the bridesmaids, or the mother-of-the-bride outfit? With the average cost of a wedding dress now close to £1,500, it can be a very costly business, so how exactly do you buy a wedding dress on a budget?

You are just engaged! Congratulations! After the excitement settles, you can easily be overwhelmed by wedding budget dread. Now is the time to take charge of your wedding finances and buy a dream dress which is comfortably in your price range. If you are shopping on a budget for a wedding dress, think about the following handy hints:

Avoid White
It carries history and it is the traditional colour of choice for bridal gowns, try to avoid white if you are on a tight budget. White dresses tend to be marked up higher, so opt for an alternative colour, when it comes to styling, white can be a difficult colour to wear for many, so something a bit different may in fact complement your skin tone, as well as make a real standout statement.

Give A Dress A Second Chance
If you have the opportunity of wearing a family dress which may have been worn by your mother or grandmother, it is without doubt something special. However, do not baulk at the idea of wearing a dress previously worn on their special day by someone who is not known to you, there are shops as well as websites which you can buy from that will give you the chance to say yes to a preloved dress.

Mass Market Is Not Always Cheap
Unlike some other mass market clothing, wedding dresses which are mass produced are not always cheaper, in fact some mass market, mass produced dresses can be very expensive. Look for alternatives in bridal shops, ones which might not be part of the store’s mass market, showcase range as these dresses typically come with a price tag to match their name, look at the offerings of department stores – off-the-peg can be a very good choice.

Go Informal
What sort of day do you have planned? If your wedding day is going to be a relaxed and more informal day, it is a good idea to apply the same to the wedding attire. If the wedding features an outdoor ceremony, an alternative to the formal, flowing dress might not only save money, but may also help with the simple practicalities of the day, and a lightweight dress will typically cost less than a heavily embellished dress.

Help A Special Cause On Your Special Day

Your special day can help a special cause, visit St Catherine’s Hospice Bishopric shop in
Horsham to browse beautiful dresses at bargain prices. The hospice, which cares for terminally
ill people across West Sussex and East Surrey, is inviting brides-to-be to visit its flagship bridal shop, to view a range of dresses, in different styles, sizes and colours, including some new with tags. The bridal department at St Catherine’s Hospice shop at 6, The Bishopric, Horsham,
RH12 1QR is open for browsing 9.30am and 5.00pm, Monday to Saturday.
For more information, call: 01403 211829, or visit:

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