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Be A Greener Fashionista

Be A Greener Fashionista

Spring has truly sprung and there is no better time to think new trends, but as well as getting in vogue, it is time to think about how your style sits with the environment. Do you ever ask how your clothes and beauty products affect the planet? Make March the month you become a greener fashionista.

What Is Fast Fashion?
Fast fashion is about making clothes; cheap, fast and disposable to keep up with emerging fashion trends. Fast fashion has become largely popular as they can knock off designer brands at scale and produce something aesthetic, but cheaper, and usually compromises environmentally and ethically in terms of production and the product quality to do so. Fast fashion has grown successfully due to being endorsed online, and by brand ambassadors like reality TV stars and social media influencers.

Finding A Sustainable Brand?
Sustainable fashion is a movement making real changes in the fashion industry which is more ecological and ethical, considering the processes within making products as well as materials used.

Look out for companies with a short supply chain, this is usually found on a brand’s website, and whilst it is impossible to be 100% sustainable, find a brand that is honest in what it is doing.

In the world of cosmetic products, Lush is hailed for its ethical approach to luxury bath and body products, producing handmade products that are proudly vegetarian, vegan, and cruelty free.

Many make-up brands have lines or selections that are vegan and cruelty free, if you want
to find out about a product you already own, use an app like Goodguide or CosmEthics.

With more becoming aware of environmentalism, brands have made eco-friendly clothing lines such as H&M’s environmental Conscious Collection and Zara’s Join Life Campaign.

Donate Or Sell old Cast-Offs
It feels good to declutter, and by donating unwanted goods to charity shops you will be doing your bit to help support a worthy cause. Alternatively, if you need to make a little cash yourself, selling unwanted clothes on second-hand clothes sites like Depop, or Facebook Marketplace is a good option.

Change Your Shopping Habits?
Having a more sustainable approach to fashion, is hard in such society where buying things is encouraged and enjoyed:

  • Consider your relationship with what you buy, is it something that will be a valuable contribution to your existing wardrobe? If it is something you are only going to wear once or twice, consider whether it is worth buying?
  • Instead of going to online fashion websites, or even high-street brands, try exploring second-hand shops. Even if you just buy one product second hand instead of new from a big chain store, it is still making a big difference.
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