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Bedroom Storage Ideas

Bedroom Storage Ideas

When it comes to home projects, is one of your new year’s resolutions to conquer the clutter in your bedroom? It is all too easy to let your bedroom mess get out of hand, it is space rarely seen by visitors, so sometimes the lack of storage solutions means all too often clothes are thrown off and onto the floor, but with a new year, now is the time to instil good habits and replace floordrobes with wardrobes.

Have a look around your bedroom with a critical eye, poor storage can mean mess and stress, so look to get things in order, the trick is to keep your bedroom storage nice and tidy whilst accessible. Smart storage is important to achieving a calm home, built-in wardrobes work smarter, and take up far less space than freestanding furniture – as well as a space saver, built-in wardrobes look neater.

Storage should be all about sub-dividing, therefore, instead of piling everything into a cupboard with just one clothes rail, give your storage an overhaul, and make it work for you with rails and shelving. A bespoke wardrobe will allow you to achieve this, but if you have a limited budget, you can upgrade an existing wardrobe with dividers, extra rails and clothes-specific hooks for belts, ties and scarves.

When it comes to organising your wardrobe make sure that you use all of the available space – this means avoiding wasting space, so the right rails and shelves matter – think also about the opening of the doors, make sure that they open in a way that you see the top and the bottom of the wardrobe contents at the same time, where you have shelves, consider adding storage boxes to fill any gaps.

As well as wardrobes for clothing and shoes, think about having a place in the bedroom for small items – keep the motto of little and often in your mind – as part of this, keep on top of things and return items. In a bedroom, smaller items can mount up, bedroom items such as books, jewellery and make-up can pile up, so think about having a storage box by your bed to place items away in.

In 2020, our homes are stuffed full of electronic cables for all manner of tech, and our bedrooms are no exception to cables and wires. It is a good idea to keep your cables out of sight, by labelling each cable it will be easily to identify each one, and you can keep them in a much tidier state – determine the relevant charger and tether them together, and store them to avoid them falling behind the bed.

Top Tips For Sleep-Easy Storage

If your bedroom storage is solved it is likely to help you sleep easier, what should you consider?

Prioritise Position
Anything that comes into a home should have its place and put back there when not in use.

Easy Tidying
There is a temptation to mirco-organise, however, focus on beating the mess with some order.

Sit Pretty
Storage should be about form as well as function, therefore make it be an integral part of your room.

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