New Year, New Home

Are you thinking of offering your home to an animal in need in 2019? Sadly, each January, despite concerted efforts by animal charities many pets will find themselves abandoned, homeless or unloved – often the result of being given as a Christmas gift. If you have a pet-shaped hole in your life, make this year the one you offer a new home to an animal.

This January there will be many animals both large and small looking for a new beginning with someone who will offer them the love, care and attention they need. By welcoming a new pet into your home, you stand not only to turn their life around, but, the new pet is likely to be able to turn your life around with it, and enhance it in new ways.

If your child or children have recently left home, whether into their own home nearby, or they have packed off to university in a far-off town or city it is quite understandable to feel at a loss and to struggle to get into gear. A dog can be a great motivation to help those living in an empty nest find the spring in their step again – a dog’s energy levels mean they are the ideal motivator to get you out and about.

At whatever age, loneliness can be heart breaking, whether it is as a result of death or divorce, should you find yourself living alone a pet can really help. A cat or a dog can offer the companionship that we all desire – a pet can become both your family and your best friend. A cat or dog will be there for you to talk to and be something you can channel your energies and thoughts into when you may need it most.

If you think that you can offer the perfect pad for a pet, think about consulting with an established animal charity which can help you get up-and-running with the full rehoming process. By going to an organisation which routinely rehomes animals it is likely they can often carry out and provide you with a pet MOT – meaning you are aware of the pet’s health and advice on what care is needed.

The pet MOT is just a part of tailor-made rehoming programmes which many animal charities put together. Other aspects of the rehoming journey a charity can help with include advice on the right pet for your lifestyle as well as help and assistance when it comes to buying the pet-friendly items that you will need around your home for your new companion from fun and exciting toys to restful bedding.

A Happy Home For 2019
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By Jacob White