Film Premiere Set For East Grinstead

On Sunday, December 9, independent production, The Bastard Sword, a fantasy adventure film will premiere at East Grinstead’s Scott Cinemas – The Atrium Cinema.

With scenes shot in the woods by the Yoghurt Rooms in East Grinstead and additional filming on the beautiful Ashdown Forest.

The film is set in the ancient forest of Soza, a fighter, a thief and a hermit go searching for a magical sword that can control minds.

Among the stars featuring in the film are Xander Phillips as Tias, Seth Easterbrook as Ulysses, and Martyn Eade as Mars.

The film has been produced by East Grinstead director and composer, Eveshka Ghost who is appealing for your help to fund the screening.

Eveshka says of the funding required to produce the film and put together a premiere: “With your support, we hope to screen this film, not only for this story, but on behalf of all micro-budget film makers. We want to bring big independent features into the cinema, where they should be! In order to do this screening, and hopefully more in the future, we need a BBFC certificate, and they’re expensive!”

The film is currently unrated but is due to be rated ahead of the premiere, the target audience is fantasy adventure fans, leaning more towards drama.

Speaking about the film’s rating, Eveshka says: “It is difficult to predict the rating, as the title is a little risky, but I can confirm that the BBFC have no issues based on the title alone. I would imagine that due to the mild fantasy-style threat, mild fantasy violence, and extremely minimal to no blood, but with quite a few B-words about the sword, that this film would sit somewhere between 12A and 15.”

All filmed locally in Sussex and Surrey with local people acting and helping for the reward of being able to create something amazing.

09dec7:00 pm9:00 pmFilm Premiere - Scott Cinema, East Grinstead7:00 pm - 9:00 pm Scott Cinema, 5th Floor, Atrium Building, King Street, East Grinstead, RH19 3DJ Event Organiser: Rusalka Pictures Listing Type:Community

Eveshka said of the film and production: “The film has already been written, shot, edited and scored. We are in the absolute final stages of audio mixing. If I die, the show goes on. If the cinema gets fried by a dragon, then we might have a problem. When the film is on that projector, tested and given the nod, it stays there. It sleeps until the day our supporters arrive, and then, it’s time for the sword!”