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Giving Children The Chance To Be Themselves

Giving Children The Chance To Be Themselves

For children who have suffered burns, scars or trauma, the impact can be life-changing. Not only can the accident or illness leave lasting physical reminders, but the impact on their self-confidence and self-esteem can last into adulthood.

That’s where CREW Camp comes in. Run by volunteers, the camp is open to children who have been a patient at Queen Victoria Hospital. It is funded by QVH Charity so the cost of sending your child is one less thing for parents to worry about.

CREW stands for Challenging Recreational Experience Weekend and is a once-a-year chance for children to be children and meet others who may have similar injuries and experiences.

And the impact of CREW Camp is phenomenal.

Seven-year-old Thomas got to experience CREW Camp for the first time last year and hopes to go again this year.

When he was almost three, he reached for a mug and poured boiling water down his front. In those few seconds, his mum realised how serious his burns were and that he needed an Ambulance. He was referred to Queen Victoria Hospital for treatment and came to Peanut Ward, the hospital’s children’s ward, each day for three weeks to change his dressings. Unfortunately, his burns were deep in places so the decision was made that he would need a skin graft.

Queen Victoria Hospital has one of the leading plastic surgery and burns teams in the country, and the specialist equipment, staff and wards to look after Thomas throughout his treatment. Thomas has gone on to heal well, but the scars will always be a reminder of the burns he suffered.
But that’s where QVH Charity wants to help.
At CREW Camp Thomas had the chance to take part in two days and nights of brilliant activities that are, behind the fun, designed to help build confidence and self-esteem. Importantly it allows children who might have experienced similar injuries to connect. They really do make friends for life.

Healing from life-changing injuries is only the start, and many children, like Thomas, could benefit from going to CREW Camp. The Camp costs over £8,000 a year and can only go ahead thanks to the generosity of people like you who donate what they can (big or small) to QVH Charity. The charity even funds ice creams and treats, let’s face it, what’s a holiday without an ice cream?

If you would like to support this year’s CREW Camp you can donate online here

On behalf of children like Thomas, thank you.

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