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Ten Things To Do With Children That Cost Absolutely Nothing

Ten Things To Do With Children That Cost Absolutely Nothing

The school holidays all too often can cost parents and grandparents an arm and a leg! Not with this guide, we have got great summer ideas which cost absolutely nothing!

Go For A Picnic
What can be nicer than a picnic on a summer’s day? Instead of eating your lunch inside, escape to the garden, the park or a sunny green patch for the perfect alfresco afternoon. Take a football to prolong the fun and get some more fresh air in the process.

Learn About Local History
If you have never stepped foot in a local museum, now is the time to do so. Our local museums are usually free or only ask for a small donation to enter. Take a look at the area’s past and give the kids a sense of what the area used to be like, even just a short time ago.

Ready, Stead… Bake!
Unleash your inner Mary Berry and get cooking up a cakey storm. Many of us have basic sponge ingredients already in the cupboard such as flour, eggs and milk, along with bowls and spoons to get started. If you fancy taking your cakes to the next level, you might want to buy some extra ingredients to make icing or get decorating.

Get On Your Bike
Living with access to such stunning countryside on our doorsteps – and cycle paths which run amongst it, it is a shame not to enjoy it. Take advantage of the gorgeous green fields, pretty pathways and the sunshine by getting on your bikes and enjoying an adventure!

Hold A Sports Day
With school sports days fresh in their minds, it is time to get them away from the TV and having fun while keeping fit. Round up balls, bats, skipping ropes and anything you can find for your very own sports day! Run races like three-legged and egg and spoon relays for fun guaranteed to get the whole family giggling, and tired out.

Create And Craft
Great for days when the British weather is being temperamental, a crafting session can get the creative juices flowing and pass hours. Dig out the craft box, glue, coloured card and any bits and bobs they would like to decorate with to create works of art – such as cards and posters. There is lots of craft inspiration available online.

Let The Curtain Rise On A Family Talent Show
Take to the stage (or just appear from behind the living room door) and perform your party trick. Take it in turns to sing, dance, do magic tricks and tell jokes for a fun family day with a difference.

Read New Books
Let them lose themselves in a good book for a few hours. Think it will be costly? Think again. Our local libraries are free to join, and everyone can loan a load of books for absolutely no charge.

Watch Your Favourite Films
Another perfect rainy day activity. Get the kids to choose their favourite films and add your favourite to the movie mix too, then take it in turns to sit back and get swept up the storylines. After each film talk about what you all liked about it, which you thought were the funniest bits and what you thought it was about.

Teach Them About Who They Are
When was the last time you spoke to the kids about your grandparents or other ancestors? Chances are with how busy everyday life is, it might not have happened yet. Use a lazy summer’s day to tell them all about who they are and the people who have shaped your family. You could even start to create a family tree!

By Shelley Welti


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