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What better way for children to end a school day full of ‘Sit down! Stay still! Don’t fidget!’ kinds of lessons, than with one that positively insists that they leap up, jump around and turn somersaults?! Well, this is just the treat in store for pupils of the Star-tastic Gymnastic after-school Clubs.

With groups in Horley, Reigate, Epsom, Banstead, Ewell, Leatherhead, Charlwood, East Grinstead and Faygate, Stacey Oliver and her team of fully trained gymnastic coaches are encouraging Surrey and Sussex youngsters to stretch themselves (literally!) to discover their skills and potential in this life-enhancing sport. Head coach, Stacey, founded Star-tastic in Epsom and it now has venues throughout the county.

Stacey, says: “Gymnastics has always been my passion and coaching children and helping them to achieve their goals is the best job in the world. I decided to run after-school clubs because it gives every child the chance to get involved. Life can be so busy for parents and more children are able to come to gymnastics when the venue and timings are convenient. My aim is to help my gymnasts achieve their goals and moves, support them in their first competition, praise them for doing well in class and badge work and push them a little when needed!”

Using a school’s own resources and bringing in additional equipment if necessary, the Star-Tastic team teach a variety of gymnastic skills to children of all ages in a way that is exciting, challenging and fun. These include floor work (rhythmic gymnastics), vault, beam, trapeze, rings, wall bars and benches – even trampolining and parkour at Charlwood School and Rosebery school in Epsom!

Stacey, says: “We ask our gymnasts to tell us what they really, really want to learn. We help them to achieve these goals over the term and year. We invite parents in on the last session to watch what their little gymnasts have learnt and how far they have come along.”

Pupils can participate in the SDF Badgework Scheme progressing through the 10 levels. This boosts their confidence as they celebrate each achievement and are motivated to the next level. Gymnastics is a wonderfully versatile sport improving balance, flexibility, strength, co-ordination – even social skills, and it’s never too young to start – there are even classes for pre-school toddlers! Taster sessions are available for any child wanting to try out the classes and local groups meet at Charlwood Village Infant School, Reigate Priory School and Horley’s Toad Hall Nursery, in fact, any school can host Star-Tastic sessions – just contact Stacey.
There are inter-schools competitions when medals are awarded to every competitor, and advanced members from several areas form the Star-Tastic Elite squad which last April and October competed in the UK Gymnastic Nationals. They returned victorious positively clanking with medals – 3 silver and 2 bronze! As Stacey says, with Star-Tastic you can reach for the stars with your toes!

For more information:
Stacey Oliver: 07896431885

By Sarah Ballingal

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