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Six-year-old Hector, Raises Money Using Cardboard Boxes

Six-year-old Hector, Raises Money Using Cardboard Boxes

Inspired by a story he read online about a young boy who made an arcade out of cardboard boxes to earn pocket money, six-year-old Hector from Alfriston, East Sussex, decided to use his old toys to invent his very own arcade to raise funds for local children’s hospice, Chestnut Tree House.

“Hector created, designed and made every single game himself including a basketball game with an old child’s fishing net, a hoopla game, plus many more”,  says Mum, Cassie. “He made a ticket booth and passed people their individual tickets that he made when they inserted money into the slot. He really enjoyed making it all and loved that people actually got to play on the games he made.”

Creator Hector raised a fantastic £60 from his arcade. He says, “I can’t believe so many people came, I was expecting to just make under £20!”

Are you feeling inspired by Hector’s fundraising? Visit Chestnut Tree House’s website here to support your local children’s hospice now!

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