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Meet the Mayor of Burgess Hill Cllr Janice Henwood

Meet The Mayor Of Burgess Hill Cllr Janice Henwood

I was lucky enough to catch up with the new Mayor of your town, Councillor Janice Henwood for a quick exchange to discuss her and her love of Burgess Hill. Here’s what happened.

How long have you lived in Burgess Hill?
“My family and I have lived in Burgess Hill for over 50 years, during that time we have had the opportunity to live in Malawi and Zimbabwe.”

When and how did you get into politics?
“I became a UK citizen about 2005 and then entered into politics.”

“Although I had become interested in local politics in the 1980’s in a campaign to save Marle Place Grounds from becoming a housing estate. Eventually WSCC sold this open space to MSDC and now this tranquil green area can be enjoyed by the public.”

What will be your biggest focus as Mayor of Burgess Hill?
“MY focus as Mayor of Burgess Hill will be to support and encourage all our community groups.”

If you could change one thing about Burgess Hill at the click of a finger, what would it be?
“If I could change anything about Burgess Hill it would be to magic a new, purpose built theatre, ready to open!”

What’s your favourite thing about the town?
“My favourite thing about Burgess Hill is the positive approach our community groups have and the community events put on by the Town Council. Events to support all our citizens.”

What is your chosen charity? And why?
“My chosen charity is a recently launched charity “Burgess Hill Creative Community” To create a strong, resilient community; meeting at The Kiln, 30-32 The Martletts. (Check out their website!)”

We are so excited to have you be our new Mayor; Janice and we look forward to your future in this position. For more information about Burgess Hill and Mayor Janice Henwood visit

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