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Holly’s Awash With Colour

Holly Sellors is an accomplished artist, musician and psychology graduate from Burgess Hill and goes under the name ‘Project Lumino’.

From the age of 15 Holly has been in bands as a bass and guitar player and has released music as a solo artist after being influenced by ambient electronic music.

After doing an online drawing course, Holly started doing landscape paintings and painted a portrait of a family friend’s dog for a birthday present and from then on, she hasn’t looked back.

Holly is a keen photographer and the first painting she sold was a seagull she photographed on Brighton Beach in 2012.

She joined an art club and found that she was being inspired by other local artists and said yes to any opportunity leading to attending exhibitions and networking with more artists.

At first, Holly found it disheartening as she didn’t sell a lot but she learnt from more experienced artists and has never forgotten what they taught her.

“I was always quite shy but always knew I wanted to achieve more and as an adult, I’m much more focused and confident in myself.’

“I have a creative mind and a lot of motivation to achieve – I love to learn and improve my skills” Holly said.

Currently, Holly is a member of three art groups and sits on the committees, designs their websites and is involved in planning exhibitions and events.

“I really like to do animal drawing workshops in the community and have done demonstrations at schools and art clubs” Holly expressed.

Holly mostly works with water colour but likes to experiment in different mediums, so her portfolio also includes acrylics and incredibly detailed pencil-drawings.

Holly, says: “I find inspiration from the world around me and from the people I meet. I love painting animals – they have such unique personalities and expressions.”

Positive thinking and motivation is integral to her work because Holly works full time, she spends most of her free time doing art and because she really loves it, it never feels like work!

Holly finds painting animals a cathartic and therapeutic process, regardless of life stresses – ‘when I paint, I completely tune out.’

Holly’s favourite piece she has painted is of a group of chimpanzees because they are so intelligent and have human-like expressions.

She is critical of her work however she can appreciate the skill that others enjoy and its great knowing that she can provoke emotional responses from people through her artwork.

Building presence on social media gave her a big confidence boost and although it took a lot of time and effort, she receives the most commissions through social media like Twitter.

Every year Holly takes part in the Adventures Art Club, this year it’s in August at King Edward Hall, Lindfield and the Weald of Sussex Art Club.

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For more information about Holly’s work, visit:


By Georgia Lambert

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