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Have Fun Raising Money For Charity

Have Fun Raising Money For Charity

Haywards Heath Lions Club is seeking support on three levels for their annual Swimarathon on Good Friday, 29th March. They are looking for swimmers to participate, volunteers to help with keeping the event running smoothly and efficiently on the day and sponsorship for those participating.

Our Swimarathon is an annual charity fundraising event held at the Dolphin Leisure Centre, always on Good Friday. Teams of six swimmers of any age raise money for local charities and good causes.

Teams come in all ages and abilities and can be made up of friends, family, schools, clubs etc. Swimmers just need to be able to swim several 25-metre lengths in a relay team.

Over the last two years, the number of teams has been halved to allow for more social distancing, but now the hope is to get back to full capacity with 66 teams taking to the water between 8 am and 6 pm, each swimming for 55 minutes.

Full details an online entry form and contact details for the Swimarathon can be found on the website There is no entry fee.

The main beneficiary of this year’s Swimarathon will be Time 4 Children, who will receive 50 % of all money raised.

Time 4 Children is a small charity, based in Haywards Heath, which aims to increase the emotional well-being, self-confidence and self-esteem of emotionally vulnerable children of primary school age in Mid Sussex.

Time 4 Children is passionate in the belief, that supporting children early enough when they are struggling with an emotional upset in their lives can help prevent more serious mental health problems later on for the child, their siblings and parents.

With the other 50% of the money they raise, the team may support a local good cause of their choosing or support The Haywards Heath Lions Club’s Charitable Trust Fund in their work within the local community. Our activities are aimed at raising funds for local charities and good causes and helping less fortunate people within our local community including helping local carer groups, and charities, and providing financial support for local families and individuals in difficult circumstances.

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