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Give Your Child A Back To School Health Boost

Give Your Child A Back To School Health Boost

After a school break it seems that children are more susceptible to illness than ever! Here is how you can boost your child’s immunity and help them to ward off those nasty sickly gremlins that lurk around seemingly every school corner…

We have all been there, celebrated a healthy and happy Christmas, only for the sniffles, colds and tummy bugs to arrive, bringing the January blues firmly to our households. With the kids going back to school after all the fun of festivities it is time to give their immune systems a boost to battle off those pesky germs.

Get The Greens In
After weeks of over-indulgence with a steady stream of chocolates and sweets, now is the time to ‘green-up’ our children’s diets. Clinical trials have proven that sugar supresses immunity, so it is little wonder that children go back to school and almost instantly pick up an illness. Limit the amount of sugar they eat and focus on filling them up with fruit and veg, nuts, eggs and protein to start the term with a strong immune system!

A Bedtime Routine
During school holidays, normally the bedtime routine becomes more relaxed. After an exciting month of parties, family get-togethers and festive play dates children can be exhausted and this can also lower their immunity. It is believed that children need between 10 -14 hours of sleep a night – so make sure your child gets the amount they need and a routine is ready in place before they head back to school.

Manage Any Anxieties
As adults, we all know how stress and anxiety can affect us – we can become withdrawn, not be able to sleep and feel run-down. Sadly, anxiety has the same effect on our children too. This means that their cortisol and adrenaline levels rise, but immunity weakens. Make sure to have open and honest conversations about their worries.Creative play time and time spent resting, for example, not running from one extra-curricular activity to the next can also help with this.

Enjoy Exercise
With a new year, for many of us, comes a new exercise routine. However, how many of us include our children in this? They need exercise too! Instead of hitting the gym, take to the football pitch for a kick-about, go for a walk or create your own dance routines in your lounge! Get active, have fun and up your family’s immunity!

Establish Good Hygiene
It may seem a basic tip but making children wash their hands is an easy way to ensure they keep bugs at bay! Hand washing with soap and hot water is effective against the spread of germs which lead to illnesses including colds, flu, diarrhoea and even meningitis.

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