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Death of the dinner table

Death Of The Dinner Table

The dinner table is at threat in Britain with 78% of Brits admitting they don’t sit down to a dinner table meal and approximately 17,660 meals will be eaten on the sofa for an average adult.

Giovanni Rana, Italy’s most loved fresh pasta maker, is on a mission to share his passion for food and family dining, and reinstate the dinner table as the heart of the home.

Brits only spend 10 minutes a day eating at the table, unlike in Giovanni’s Italy for example where their love of food means time spent at the table is almost twice as long.

The dinner table play’s host to 132 arguments, 104 moments of passion, 312 impromptu naps and 594 homework sessions and it’s not just the kids working hard.

The average UK adult will also complete an incredible 1,890 hours of admin or work on their dining table over their lifetime – the equivalent of 236 eight-hour work shifts.

On the report Dr Nihara Krause, psychologist, said; “Making time to incorporate a family meal is a simple, enjoyable and effective way of building emotional resilience and social connection.”

Interestingly, the dining table is the preferred place for conversation for both Brits and Italians, but the subjects most often discussed vary for each.

In Britain, an average of five different topics of conversation is covered during the evening meal with film and TV the topics covered most often, followed by gossip, then politics.

Contrastingly, in Italy politics, economics and money is the least popular conversation topic and food is discussed most often alongside work and family life.

In another difference to their Italian counterparts, 62% of Brits do not consider the dining table to be the heart of the home unless it is a special occasion.

Giovanni Rana, said; “I have always passionately believed that the dinner table should be a place for sharing fresh and nourishing food and flavours with friends and family.”

For more information about the life of a UK dining table and for tips on how to make your dining table the heart of your home, visit:

By Jacob White

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