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Creating A Cat-Friendly Garden

Creating A Cat-Friendly Garden

Creating A Cat-Friendly Garden

Are you a green-fingered cat lover? Often, cats can be unwelcome visitors to a keen gardener’s garden, however it does not have to be that way as the two can live in harmony. If you are a gardener with a cat, how can you create the perfect feline-friendly garden? After all, it is not just owners who love being outdoors in the summer time, cats do too – whether it is lounging in the sun or playing among the plants.

Cats like to nibble on a variety of common garden grasses, often, if often forms part of their digestion regime, they may munch on grass to help them pass hairballs or if they feel unwell. A feline favourite for many, the orchard grass variety, the Dactylis glomerate, also known as cocksfoot grass which boasts broad, pinky-beige flower-like head leaves which cats can easily bite on when they find the need to.

The ultimate showstopping garden treat for cats is Nepeta cataria, better known as catnip, the green perennial herb plant is renowned for inducing huge excitement in most cats, although not all. For the felines who are partial to the herb, from the mint family, they will often lick, rub and sniff the plant for many minutes leaving them near-helpless with excitement and ready for full-on play and exercise.

Another plant which can add a lot to a cat-friendly garden is lavender, another member of the mint family which, with its bushy body can provide the ideal hiding place for cats when they feel threatened or in need of some shelter. Shelter is an important element when it comes to creating a cat-friendly garden, keep in mind the planting of shrubs to give cats shelter from the great outdoors – rain or shine.

A cat-friendly garden should be about making a space which is both safe and interesting, therefore, in addition to planting, think about what other aspects of the garden you can use to keep cats entertained. Where possible, think about wood for claw scratching, think about an open space for sunbathing, and in contrast to that, think about a space where they can hide when they want to seek some quiet time.

Keeping Your Cat Safe

Gardens can present dangers to cats so you will need to take some
simple steps to keeping them safe, think about the following:

Remove dangerous flowers and plants – for a full list of dangerous flowers
and plants which are recognised by the charity, Cats Protection, and can cause
serious harm, visit:

Vaccinate and microchip your cat – before letting them out of your home,
make sure that they are fully protected. For more information from
Cats Protection, visit:

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