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Changing Places Award For Crawley county Mall site

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Changing Places Award For Crawley County Mall Site

Ryan Box Changing Places in Crawley County Mall has been voted to have the Best Sign-Posted Changing Places. Changing Places Toilets have been Changing Lives since 2006 and 12 years on, there are more than 1,100 facilities in the UK.

Standard accessible toilets often do not provide changing benches or hoists and are often too small to accommodate more than one person meaning people with serious disabilities are often forced to be changed on a toilet floor.

Maria said: “These facilities are so important – it protects their dignity, it’s safer, it’s hygienic. Having a facility like this was a dream come true and I thought, I just have to make this happen. It’s been life-changing not just for us but for so many people. I was overjoyed when I found out about the award, it solidifies why it had to happen and I’m so proud of what we’ve achieved as a team.”

Ryan Box Changing Places in Crawley County Mall has been recognised for its signage to promote its Changing Places facility. Maria Cook and her son Ryan Box, who the Changing Places is named after, presented the award.

Mark Haynes, centre manager for County Mall said: “I have been aware of Changing Places for some time, through our industry trying to provide better services for all our customers. It means a lot to win this award – it always means a lot to win an award but particularly one that makes the town centre and shopping centre more accessible for everyone.”

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