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Celebs Support QVH For The NHS’ 70th Birthday

Last month the NHS celebrated a very special birthday, and to mark the NHS turning 70, celebrities have been raising a mug or two to one of the nation’s best-loved institutions with a good old-fashioned cuppa’. Those getting involved have been well-known faces to TV viewers who have been showing their support for a particular NHS organisation close to home, the Queen Victoria Hospital in East Grinstead.


The Big 7tea campaign asked people up-and-down the country to raise a cuppa’ to the NHS on or around July 5, the official 70th birthday of the organistation, and at the same time raise much-needed funds for NHS charities working across Britain like Queen Victoria Hospital’s own QVH Charity.

Star of ITV series, Good Karma Hospital, Amanda Redman, spoke about being a patient at Queen Victoria Hospital as a child when she suffered third degree burns. She was glad to lend her support for the East Grinstead hospital where she received regular treatment during her childhood years.

Actor and activist, Jack Ashton, best known for playing the role of the vicar, Rev Tom Hereward in the popular Sunday evening BBC TV show, Call the Midwife, said: “I went to visit the wonderful staff at Queen Victoria Hospital recently – 70 years of the NHS aren’t we lucky!”

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Charity Begins At… Hospital
Queen Victoria Hospital helps to put lives back together, close at hand is the QVH Charity which funds important initiatives like medical research projects to find new treatments, provides more and better equipment and works to improve patient environments. Donations received make a real difference to the care the hospital can provide to patients who have been devastated by their injuries. Every day the hospital provides life-changing surgery and care, free of charge to every NHS patient. The charity is committed to improving hospital facilities and supporting projects that fall outside of core NHS funding.

For more information about the QVH Charity, visit:

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GP and medical correspondent, Dr Mark Porter said: “Wishing the NHS a happy 70th birthday. I’ll be raising a cuppa’ to celebrate and encourage you to as well to say thank you to NHS hospitals
like Queen Victoria Hospital and NHS charities for the important role they play in looking after the nation’s health.”

Actress Fiona Dolman, star of drama Midsomer Murders, said: “To celebrate the wonderful NHS turning 70 this year go to and pick one of the 250 dedicated charities that work behind the scenes and host a tea party to raise a bit of cash. Mine is QVH Charity. Happy Birthday NHS.”

By Jacob White

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