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Buzz In The Air At Reigate School

Buzz In The Air At Dunottar School

This summer saw a buzz in the air at Reigate’s Dunottar School as it bought two beehives after being approached by Vince Gallow, who is completing a PhD about the formation and use of honeycombs.

Dunottar’s head of food and nutrition, Ruth Macintyre, who has started a beekeeping club says: “Bees are an absolutely fascinating insect, and I know that the students are going to love learning more about them. I know I have! We are extremely lucky to have the help of Vince to set up the project.”

Retired software engineer Vince has developed a 10-year hobby of avid beekeeping into Phd study, and he is now a weekly visitor to the school and keeps control hives for his experiments at Dunottar.

Dunottar deputy headteacher Marc Broughton speaking about bee keeping at the school adds: “The bee keeping is part of a bigger outdoors project that we’re developing at Dunottar. As well as willow sculptures in the grounds, we’ve recently put the finishing touches to an outdoor classroom.”

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