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7 Helpful Tips for your First Driving Lesson

7 Helpful Tips For Your First Driving Lesson

Obviously, things have been quite different over the last few months, one activity being driving lessons that haven’t been able to go ahead. So, if you are “gearing up” to start learning and get out on the road here are a few helpful tips for your first driving lesson.

By Jamie Di Francescomarino

Make Sure You’re Rested

sleep the night before your first and every driving lesson. This allows you to be more alert and concentrate easier. Also, make sure you haven’t consumed any alcohol the night before.


Bring your Provisional License

I hate to point out the obvious but make sure you have applied for your provisional driving license well before your first driving lesson. Also don’t forget to bring it to your first lesson so your instructor knows that you’re legally allowed to drive.


Read the Highway Code

Before your first lesson, it would be a great idea to read up on the highway code. This allows you to get a bit of a head start of the knowledge needed to become a successful driver and will probably impress your driving instructor.


Don’t Forget Your Glasses

If you usually wear contact lenses or glasses remember to be wearing them for your lesson otherwise there is bound to be a collision. But also, it is never a bad idea to get your eyes tested beforehand if you’re having doubts, as you’ll need good vision to read road signs and markings.


Make Yourself Comfortable

your instructor will help you with this anyway but make sure everything is adjusted to your height and build. Adjust your wing and rear-view mirrors, the height of your seat, your steering wheel and make sure you are sat upright!


Wear Suitable Clothing

Make sure you’re wearing comfortable clothing like tracksuit bottoms, leggings or baggier jeans and don’t wear a massive coat as it’ll restrict your body movement! More importantly, wear your comfiest shoes as you’ll need a lot of leeway for your feet on those pedals!


Ask Plenty of Questions

Always ask lots of questions if you’re not sure of something. Your instructor will be more than happy to help that is what they are there for! But also they appreciate your willingness to learn.

Good luck to all those starting their new adventures on the road and I hope it all goes well for you! Also, as advised you can read the highway code here

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