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15 Year Old Photographer Exudes Creativity With Own Calendar Collection


Toby Godfree, 15 years old of Bexhill-On-Sea has had a passion for photography since he got his first proper phone camera back in 2016.

By Jamie Di Francescomarino

Photography is one of Toby’s favourite pastimes and hopes to have the opportunity to study photography at college for one of his A-level options and progress it further. Toby also says, “I just love capturing moments that are so magical” and one day wishes to have a career in photography.

Toby has been capturing some of the most beautifully scenic photographs I have ever seen from someone of such a young age and his hard work and creativity seem to be paying off.

Toby has his own website and has been photographing, putting together, and selling his own calendars with photographs of scenes from Brighton, Eastbourne & The South Downs, Hasting & Bexhill and of course our area, the lovely Sussex. He has also expanded his innovation of photography to cards, posters, books, and cushions. He has also said, “I feel privileged to be working with charities on their calendars”. You can also now hire Toby for different photography event packages!

What a great achievement for someone who is only 15 years of age. I just want to congratulate Toby on all his success and if you wish to support him on his photography journey, and soon to be career take a l ook at his website at

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