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Volunteers Wanted for The Reigate and South Surrey Parkinson’s Group


There are many things that volunteering is good for. Your self-esteem, your physical self, your brain, your social life and most importantly you are doing good for others. 

By Jamie Di Francescomarino

Put your social skills to good use, and other skills you may not have known you had because with volunteering you will find new challenges, new friends and a fresh appreciation for the world around you. Only for a few hours of your time a month.

In the UK 145,000 people are already living with Parkinson’s and every hour two more people are diagnosed. The Reigate and South Surrey Parkinson’s Group is a support group for people who suffer from Parkinson’s disease and their families. They have been fortunate enough in their team of volunteers since the group was formed, however, new volunteers are always welcomed with open arms.

The group’s founders, Kevin and Jean Shergold established regular classes, social meetings, and a support network for group members. In normal circumstances, those activities continue along with new classes, activities, and fundraising events.

Last summer, group member, Mark Hearn organised a wonderful tennis tournament to raise money to benefit the group and its members in which a staggering £50,000 was raised. Chris Beard, a group committee member has said, “Mark’s stay on the volunteer’s committee has sadly been cut short due to the progression of his illness, but his spirit remains an inspiration and he would be eager to see new volunteers working with the group.”

“As a volunteer, the group will be looking to you to help organise, run, and give a helping hand at fundraisers like Mark’s. If this is something that is of interest, please contact us.”

Some of Chris Beard’s responsibilities involve, organising and running, the Reigate review, their Christmas Lunch, Autumn Fest and Spring Tea. The Parkinson’s Group is a cause close to Chris’ heart as her late husband suffered from Parkinson’s. She stated, “I understand very well what everyone is going through and am aware of how essential it is for people to know there is support available.”

If you or a member of your family is affected by Parkinson’s and would like more information, please ask for a copy of our current news sheet by emailing

And to read more on Parkinson’s UK visit their website here or for more of our charity articles click here

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