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This month, our Charity Of The Month feature is on Trailwalker, a high-endurance fundraising event which raises money for Oxfam and The Gurkha Welfare Trust. Our interest in the event was sparked by local resident and long-term advertiser and charity fundraiser, Tim Burberry of Burberry Plumbing and Heating who is preparing for the gruelling challenge of walking 100km in 30 hours this July.


Have you ever thought of trekking 100km across the South Downs in less than 30 hours and help end poverty with every step? Local man, Tim Burberry has. From Friday, July 13 – Sunday, July 15, intrepid walkers including Tim will take on the challenge organised with the Queen’s Gurkha Signals, Trailwalker is a unique opportunity to put the mind and body to the test. Tim will raise money, push himself and his team to the limit, and face a challenge he will remember for the rest of his life.

Who Benefits From Trailwalker? Oxfam works with others to overcome poverty, injustice and suffering around the world. The charity’s work breaks down into three overlapping areas, all of which are vital to achieving its aims.

Humanitarian response: Oxfam responds quickly to emergencies like the Ebola crisis – providing life-saving essentials like safe water and hygiene kits.

Development: The charity funds long-term work that allows local people to use their own ideas and skills to fight poverty in their communities.

Campaigning: Poverty is not just about lack of resources, it is about bad decisions made by powerful people, and Oxfam campaigns hard for real lasting change.

Founded in 1969 when it was realised that a great number of Gurkha soldiers and their families in Nepal faced destitution in their old age. Many of these soldiers had served alongside Britain in the Second World War and other conflicts, however, they had not served the 15 years needed to qualify for an army pension. For almost 50 years the trust has provided welfare to enable these Gurkha veterans, their dependants and their communities to live their lives with dignity. The core of the Trust’s work has always been the Welfare Pension, which is currently distributed to more than 5,500 brave Gurkha veterans and widows. Outside of this financial aid, the Trust also offers comprehensive medical and community programmes across Nepal.

Tim, Left and the rest of the group

Tim Takes On Trailwalker
Ahead of his Trailwalker challenge, we spoke to Tim about his fundraising efforts.

What inspired you to take on the challenge?
“I’ve always liked to challenge myself, I regularly participate in charity bike rides, but my friend Steve asked if I’d be interested in taking part in the Trailwalker 2018 100k walk and do it inside 30 hours. I said yes immediately! I’ve never walked for longer than a few miles before this and it’s a brilliant way of staying fit and healthy. Gurkha Welfare Trust and Oxfam are amazing charities and when I looked into it further, the money raised is almost a 50/50 split between the two organisations.”

Do you have a fundraising goal in mind?
“We are looking to raise £5,000 between the four of us in the team. We’ve got a few fundraising ideas and have already booked The Gurkha restaurant for a fundraising charity curry night in July!”

How has the training for the event gone?
“So far it’s gone well. We are all building up slowly with a walking plan leading up to the event. I must admit to getting a few blisters. We all went to the Peak District for two days solid walking in May plus a big 60k walk this month to really test us before the event. I don’t think we’ll beat the team of Gurkhas who take part, they normally do it around 10 hours!”

What is your biggest fear ahead of the challenge?
“My biggest fear is getting injured before or during the event. I’d truly be gutted if I couldn’t finish. Luckily I’ve got a great team of mates who will help me though. That’s the great thing about this event, you have got three other guys who you can lean on when things get tough.”To donate to Tim’s fundraising, visit:

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