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The Top Tips for Secondary School Starters – Your Education Uncovered

The Top Tips For Secondary School Starters – Your Education Uncovered
The Top Tips for Secondary School Starters - Your Education Uncovered

Making the move from primary school to secondary school can be tough for some and a breeze for others. But regardless of how your child ends up coping, this is not to say there won’t be worries about the move to ‘big school’. Erin is here to give her top three tips to settle any nerves you or your not-so-young children may have about the big transition.

Getting There

The start of a new term at a new school may mean your child will have to make their own way to school. Whether it be on foot or by bus. Our friends at Metrobus provide school bus routes across Reigate, Redhill, Crawley, Horley, East Grinstead and Haywards Heath which will allow your child to travel to school amongst peers.

It is also recommended that whatever the form of transport taken, that you make this journey to the school with your child a couple of times prior to the September start date and then they can then do the journey on their own, daily, without the worry of where to get off the bus or what questionable alleyways to avoid.

Suited and Booted

You may have quite often seen Year 7 students in what looks to be something they’ve raided from their dad’s wardrobe. Due to the ridiculous rate at which pre-teens and teens grow, always buy blazers bigger. They’re not cheap and this way, they’ll last two school years instead of one.

Obviously, when it comes to school uniforms different schools may have different rules so it is always worth checking with the school uniform shop or via their website beforehand. Some schools only allow black trousers for boys, not grey. At some schools, girls may not be required to wear a tie. However, note that most schools will have a relatively strict policy when it comes to footwear.

Homework and Planning

From Year 7, it is inevitable that the real homework will begin. It is recommended that once your child is home from school, they should have a half-hour/45-minute break and start before it gets too late.

The best way for your child to manage their homework is to use the daily/weekly planner that most schools provide. Although at times, it may be used as a doodle-pad, it is a helpful way to plan out the homework given and when the due date is. As parents, you may be asked to check/or sign their planners so make a mental note of what homework they have so you can give them a gentle reminder.

All in all, the transition to secondary school should be exciting more than anything. It is a new chapter for you and more importantly, your child. Just remember to encourage them with schoolwork, be a shoulder for them when there are friendship problems and top up their lunch money on a Friday for a treat!


Erin Porter is the Digital Editor for Your Education Uncovered, an online portal pulling together every part of local education news across Sussex and Surrey. With up to the minute news from local schools, tutors and tuition centres, plus interviews with headmasters and parents, through to details and dates of visitor open days.


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