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Take advantage of Kumon’s Free Trial

At your local Kumon Redhill Study Centre, our aim is to help children of any age and ability become confident, independent learners. Our students develop lifelong study skills and a passion for learning, as well as the confidence to complete their work independently.

Your child can experience the benefits of Kumon too! Your local Redhill study centre is offering a One Week Free Trial from 1 May – 30 May 2022 for all new students to trial two Kumon classes for free.

To take advantage of the Free Trial offer, all you need to do is contact your local Instructor, Varun, and book a consultation. Your child will complete a free maths and English assessment so that their level of study can be precisely tailored to their ability. Our individualised maths and English programmes allow students to begin at their own, individually set starting point and to progress to an advanced level at their own pace. This creates a positive learning experience, with work always set at just the right level.

After the consultation, if you feel that Kumon is the right programme for your child, you can then register and experience all the benefits of ongoing Kumon study. Your child will join the other four million students across the world currently developing to their full potential with Kumon.

With over 60 years of experience, the Kumon Maths and English Programmes enable students to work above their school year level. Because our students are able to reach an advanced level of study, often far beyond their school curriculum, they are well-equipped with the skills they need to excel.

Kumon is proud to be recognised as an education provider that delivers proven academic results. An independent study in 2020 revealed that Kumon students are over a year ahead of the national average, and over six months ahead of their peers in their maths learning at the end of primary school*.

Our programmes place great importance on self-learning, encouraging students to discover how to solve problems for themselves. As our students begin to take ownership of their learning and become independent learners, they develop invaluable confidence and self-motivation.

With guidance and support from their Instructor, Kumon students build fluency, ability and confidence, as well as a love of learning. Kumon Instructors continuously monitor, guide and challenge students to grow by gradually increasing the level of difficulty of the worksheets they assign, while taking into account increases in each student’s level of academic ability. In small manageable steps, students develop their abilities and acquire study skills such as speed, accuracy, time management, concentration and problem-solving.

For more details, please call Varun on 07725 867 152 and mention RH Uncovered.

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