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Strange but true? Crop Circles in Sussex and Surrey

The crop circle mystery is a persistent and controversial part of the English countryside and beyond. Every year sees a new collection of beautiful and inventive shapes dotted around the fields reviving arguments about whether they are man-made art or something stranger.

Although the West Country is best-known for its many crop circles, the RH area has also seen a number across the years. Andy Thomas, one of the world’s leading mysteries researchers and author of several well-known books on crop circles lives in Forest Row and has a keen interest.

Andy, says: “People often think crop circles have gone away, because the media barely reports them these days, the reality is that they are still appearing with their remarkable complexity. The term ‘crop circle’ is a bit out of date these days, because many of the shapes are highly sophisticated, but it seems to have stuck.’

“Sussex and Surrey, have had all kinds of formations. Felbridge, had patterns in 1993 and in 1995, while in 2015 the area near Merstham, where the M23 and the M25 meet, had three designs – one like a flower – although they couldn’t actually be seen from the road. Horsham had a 3D-looking emblem last year.”

Felbridge Crop Circle 1995
Felbridge Crop Circle 1995

Andy, who widely lectures on crop circles and other unexplained mysteries, organises regular public lectures in Burgess Hill on these topics and information on these can be found at, while Andy’s personal website can be found at

“Whatever is going on, it is not easy to entirely explain. For every crop circle that might be made by people, there are others that simply cannot be dismissed so easily. Many have appeared within seconds in front of people’s eyes, while others see aerial lights and there is evidence of biological anomalies occurring.’

“Some designs are so advanced that there have been books devoted to the maths of circles. Whether the mysterious patterns are by other intelligences, natural forces, psychic forces or even all or none of these it’s still hotly debated, but the effect they have had on people has been profound” Andy adds.

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Top Five Facts and Figures:

The earliest known crop circle is depicted in a woodcut from 1678.

There have been approaching 10,000 recorded crop formations to date.

The majority of crop circles appear in areas with large amounts of underground water.

Crop circles can appear by day or by night, often within a short time, the average man-made formation can take from six to nine hours to create.

England receives many crop circles, Germany, Italy and The Netherlands also report high numbers but the USA received just a handful each year.


By Rachel Whitlam

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