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Ready to fly the nest

Ready To Fly The Nest

Soon it will be the school holidays. The time of year that we see some of our children become young adults, gaining their flight feathers, ready to leave the nest on the next stage of their journey.

Taking that step into a new world from the comfort of your home can be like taking a giant leap into the unknown.

Are you that young adult ready but anxious about that next step, or a parent or guardian? Here are seven top tips to help that transition from childhood to young adulthood.

  1. Talk about your feelings with friends, family, or mentors. Do not see it as a weakness to talk about your fears and anxieties. I am not only talking about children but parents too. I have a mentor. She guides me and allows me to share my worries and anxieties.
  2. Take time to get used to your new environment. Take some familiar home comforts with you. A favourite duvet, cushion or other object. Put pictures and things from home in your room.
  3. Plan to visit home as regularly as time allows. Arrange people to see and things to do. Keep in contact via phone, Internet, or Skype.
  4. Get involved in campus activities. What hobbies would you like to explore and expand? Most colleges and universities have great social environments to become involved in.
  5. Never ignore your feelings or try to drown them by drinking, taking drugs, or other types of risky behaviour.
  6. Learn what helps you relax. Do you have a favourite track to relax to? Learn forms of relaxation such as meditation or self-hypnosis.
  7. Remember to balance out work and study, or you’ll burn out. Structure your time and work towards finding a healthy balance. Find a mentor. We all need a guiding hand from time to time. Have someone to talk it all through with.

I mentor individuals all around the world. Right now I am working with a young lady in Egypt via Skype. It’s so interesting. She has felt a huge burden lift off her shoulders after just two mentoring sessions.

Becky Wells,
Personal Development Hypnotherapist

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